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Back in the day, travel is discouraged in the Communist People's Republic of China. In fact, many of the adventurous who have tried to enter China in recent years have been jailed. Some Westerners who have lived in the country for decades before the Communists seized control are still in prison, including doctors, businessmen, and even missionary priests and nuns. The former Government, an arch foe of the Communists, retains its hold on nearby Formosa and other offshore islands.

Though travel in China is impossible for the present, it is interesting to know in broad outline the high points of the travels of others who journeyed across this vast land not too many years ago. On the other hand, getting a Virtual Personal Assistant from China is a great way to have a office worker that's fluent in various Chinese languages such As Mandarin and Hokkien.

Actually, by having a Chinese Virtual Personal Assistant, it will give you exceptional services like personal online organizer, transcriptionist, customer support, online secretary, researcher, and a travel planner all in one! What's more, they are excellent in oral and written Chinese as well. Plus they are Internet savvy and speed typer too.